Events – experiences to remember

Planning and executing a successful event has a few pitfalls which must be overcome. But nothing stands in our way.

Public event

A public event should enthuse, captivate and thrill. We can put your event into the right light with a great deal of passion and joy. We will create an unforgettable event with recognition value for you.

Company event

We can transform your brand event into a unique experience, moving and encouraging your public sustainably and giving your brand a personality. Dive into an exciting world with us!


With the right infrastructure, we can put your industry meeting on the scene. Whether red carpet, system construction, modules or graphics, we can make your conference shine.

This will help your event create a lasting memory.

Our services

  • Project management

    We plan your event from A to Z. Your event is important to us. Together, we can make it into a unique experience for yourselves and your visitors.

  • Design + CAD

    Your product and services are at the centre of what we do. Our designers implement your plans and incorporate their own ideas. Desires, suggestions or changes are always welcome and always have room in our context.

  • Technical organisation

    From the plug to the large multi-media show, we won't leave you alone with the technology.

  • Infrastructure

    There’s nothing that doesn’t work! We are happy to organise the suitable infrastructure for your unmistakable appearance..

  • Graphics

    Images and graphics speak for themselves. Graphics say a great deal and are an important part of our everyday work. We are happy to process, produce and develop your graphics. Whether wood, forex, fabric, glass, MDF or plexiglass. We can put your image in the right frame.

  • Personnel planning

    From hostesses to security personnel and assistants - we are happy to help you plan and organise your event.

  • Logistics

    Our drivers will ensure a timely and on-schedule logistics solution. The right place at the right time. The crucial moments for a successful event start and end with logistics.

  • Implementation

    We are your partners for the implementation of your idea.

  • Production monitoring

    Thanks to our vast experience, we can ensure that your event will be full of success from A to Z.

  • Assembly/disassembly

    Our fitters are right at home with event and special construction. Reaching a goal with system, special material or wacky ideas is an everyday activity for our fitters. Your one-time idea will be brought to life.

Customer examples

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Dübi Mäss
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Winti Mäss