Architecture – an eye-catcher you can touch

With architectonic works, we can transform your showroom, shop or individual occasion into a highlight. The choice of materials and design of your eye-catcher knows no bounds.

Room concept

We can develop your room to live. We are happy to create an individual concept for your showroom, recreation room, reception area, visitor area and much more. We can unfold your story and create the right place for it.

Special construction

Whether oversized or miniature, whether wacky or conventional, we are the path to realisation. We can also make artworks out of ideas which weren’t there before.

Exhibit construction

If it’s a question of exhibit construction, you’re in the right place with us. You have the idea, but no plan yet, or absolutely no idea how to implement it? We can help you, from the smallest exhibition object to the most gigantic eye-catcher.

This will help your appearance create a lasting memory.

Our Services

  • Project management

    We plan your event from A to Z. Your event is important to us. Together, we can make it into a unique experience for yourselves and your visitors.

  • Communication

    Orchestrate your own personal story − we can get to the heart of your message and make your appearance a lasting experience.

  • Design + CAD

    Your product and services are at the centre of what we do. Our designers implement your plans and incorporate their own ideas. Desires, suggestions or changes are always welcome and always have room in our context.

  • Graphics

    Images and graphics speak for themselves. Graphics say a great deal and are an important part of our everyday work. We are happy to process, produce and develop your graphics. Whether wood, forex, fabric, glass, MDF or plexiglass. We can put your image in the right frame.

  • Implementation

    We are your partners for the implementation of your idea.

  • Production monitoring

    Thanks to our vast experience, we can ensure that your event will be full of success from A to Z.

  • Assembly/disassembly

    Our fitters are right at home with event and special construction. Reaching a goal with system, special material or wacky ideas is an everyday activity for our fitters. Your one-time idea will be brought to life.

Customer examples

Tobler Meier